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Sleepwear(Pajama looks) That Can Also Be Worn As A Daytime Look & Going Out Night Look

Not everyone wears sleepwear (aka pajamas) to bed. Sometimes when you come home from a long day at work you may just fall asleep in your work clothes. The same goes for when you come home from a long night of partying. You might just pass out on your couch in your party clothes. Not saying that this happens all the time. But it could happen. But from time to time when going to bed you might want to wear a proper pajama set or just wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Who knows, everyone is different. Whatever makes you comfortable I say wear it. But this post is about proper sleepwear (aka pajamas and pajama sets).

Pajamas and pajama sets are always great gift ideas for the holidays or someone's birthday. It's nice to at least have one pajama set. But it's not necessary. There was a time when pajamas were made to be worn to bed only and were a must have when going to sleep. But they are not made just for sleep anymore. About a few years ago pajamas became a trend not only for going to bed but for wearing out on a day-to-day basis. The pajama look is always a big trend during Fall and winter fashion weeks.

Then that trend kind of died out. The reason the pajama trend died is because that's how trends work. One minute it's in and the next it's old news. But it will always come back. Trends rotate and take turns. They never completely go away they just disappear temporarily.

But since the Fall is coming up soon I thought I'd revisit the pajama look again. The pajama trend is a great look during the Fall months and early winter. So I wanted to show you the pajama looks that you can wear to bed. But also if you feel bold enough you can also wear the same bedtime looks during the day and as a night time going out look.

Below are some sleepwear (aka pajama) looks worth trying out when you are going to bed and also wear the same looks during the daytime and when you're going out at night. To learn more about each sleepwear (aka pajama) look below click on the links below the pictures or click on the pictures which will take you to the retailer that sells the item.

Asceno Geometric-print silk pyjama-style jacket $695; Asceno Geometric-print silk pyjama-style trousers $325;

I.D. Sarrieri Chantilly lace-trimmed velvet robe $645; I.D. Sarrieri Chantilly lace-trimmed velvet chemise $490;

Topshop Geometric Print Pyjama Jacket $95; Topshop Geometric Print Pyjama Trousers $90;

SKIN Katja off-the-shoulder organic Pima cotton-jersey pajama top $105; SKIN Karlie organic Pima cotton-jersey pajama shorts $65;

Morgan Lane Lena silk-blend cami top $270; Morgan Lane Rickie silk pyjama shorts $280;

Flora Nikrooz Penelope Chemise $78; Flora Nikrooz Penelope Robe $88;

Rosamosario Wallah, Let's Stripes lace-trimmed silk pajama pants $535; Rosamosario Wallah, Let's Stripes lace-trimmed silk pajama jacket $705;

Key To Freedom Stripe Pyjama Shirt $95; Key To Freedom Stripe Pyjama Trousers $95;

Floreat Sweet Dreams Sleep Top $78; Floreat Sweet Dreams Sleep Pants $68;

Topshop Tropical Pyjama Jacket $95; Topshop Tropical Print Pyjama Trousers $90;


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