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The Braided Net Bag & The Beaded Bag & The Pearl-like Bag Trend

This summer you will see the braided net bag look the beaded bag look and the pearl-like bag look everywhere. The braided net bag has been around for a while now. It is intended for carrying simple items like a magazine or fruits and small snacks. I have always used it to go to the supermarket/grocery store shopping to carry fruits and other small, lightweight groceries.

But nowadays (since last summer and this spring and summer 2018) the braided net bag is being used as an everyday summer handbag and to make a fashion statement. When carrying the braided net bag you need to be careful of what you put inside because the bag can either be made with big or small holes in it. So for example if you put a pen or sunglasses or dainty jewelry pieces you can lose them because they will fall out of the holes in the bag.

Now on to the pearl-like bag look and the beaded bag look. Which are both now starting to pop-up everywhere. Usually the pearl-like bag is made with white or cream color looking pearls. With the beaded like bag you can find it in different color beads from white, to black, to red and clear beads. The pearl-like bag is more than likely not real pearl but it just has the pearl effect. Last season pearls were all over clothing from sweaters, to dresses, to skirts, to sneakers and all over denim. So now it's time that there was pearl on bags and even a beaded bag. The pearl-like bag and the beaded bag look can work with many different outfits it can be dressed up or dressed down. Depending on the type and size of pearl and the beads the bag can get heavy pretty quickly if stuffed with too much items. It's a little similar to the braided net bag because it's great for lightweight items. It can also be heavy and sometimes uncomfortable when worn on the shoulder or cross-body if you put too much in it. But it's still a cute bag.

So since the braided net bag, the beaded bag and the pearl-like bag are popping up in a lot of retail stores and online boutiques I thought I'd pull from several retailers the braided net bag, beaded bag and the pearl-like bags that will be trending this summer. This post is for those that have not tried the trend yet and think it's a cute look but not sure where to find the look. This is also for those that have tried the trend and love it and want to see what other braided net bags, beaded bags, and pearl-like bags are out in stores right now.

With the braided net bag depending on the size of the bag you can put a small to medium sized bucket bag or straw bag on the inside if you don't want everyone seeing everything you have in your net bag. Below are some braided net bag looks, some beaded bag looks and some pearl like bag looks. To learn more about each bag look click on the pictures below which will take you to the retailer that sells the bag.

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