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A look at some everyday bridal/wedding gowns & the not so usual bridal/wedding looks that are al

When people think about bridal and wedding dresses they seem to always think that it means the bride has to wear a really long floor length gown with a train. Gowns with trains and gowns in general are not for everyone. Nowadays a bride has many options when it comes to selecting what to wear on her special day. It can be a gown but it can also be a jumpsuit, or a cocktail dress or a camisole style dress or anything else that the bride wants to wear on her wedding day.

White and cream gowns with long trains and a veil are the traditional bridal and wedding look. But every bride out there can create her own tradition when it comes to her wedding. There are no rules and there is really no handbook to follow. It all depends on the bride and the bridegroom and the theme that they are going for when it comes to their wedding.

Since spring is here and summer is not that far off a bride-to-be may decide to start planning for a spring or summer wedding. So I thought I'd share with you some of the more traditional looking bridal and wedding looks and some looks that might not be considered the norm for a bride when it comes to a wedding. Below are some of looks that are all worth checking out if you've just started planning a wedding or have a wedding coming up. Below there are bridal/wedding looks in different price points as well. To learn more about each look click on the pictures below which will take you to the store that sells the dress, gown or jumpsuit and there you can learn more about each look.


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