• Safi Bello

You'll be Paying for AT&T's Purchase of Time Warner Through Your Cable Bill

Gizmodo ------- The Department of Justice unleashed its harshest condemnation yet of the proposed purchase of Time Warner by AT&T when the agency revealed Wednesday that the $85 billion merger would cost consumers more than half a billion dollars per year in additional cable costs. As part of the ongoing antitrust case filed by the government in attempts to stop the merger and placate Donald Trump’s vendetta against Time Warner property CNN, lawyers from the DOJ called on University of California at Berkeley economics professor Carl Shapiro to provide his analysis of the deal, The Washington Post reported. Shapiro found that by 2021, consumers could be paying an extra $571 million in TV fees. “I’ve concluded the merger will harm consumers,” Shapiro told the court. “The harm is significant.” To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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