• Safi Bello

The See-through/Transparent Bag And Shoe & Clothes Trend

For the Spring and Summer when designers showed their collections I noticed a lot of see through and transparent everything from shoes, to coats, to hats to bags. For this post I will be covering all the see through items that are trending right now. The reason I wanted to cover this trend is because when I watched the Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-to-wear show on Youtube I noticed every model had on at least one see-through/transparent item.

The see-through and transparent trend is not a new thing. It was also a big trend in 2015 and a few seasons before that as well. In 2015 during the fashion shows models walked the runway in see through and transparent blouses with nothing underneath. It is one of those trends that leaves and comes back. But you're probably wondering if it's something that you can pull off IRL. I'm here to tell you yes it is. Well maybe not the see-through and transparent blouses with nothing underneath. But definitely the see-through and transparent coats, shoes, boots, hats and bags.

Not every trend is for everyone. Back in the day (2-3 years ago) I used to to have a see-through/transparent raincoat. That's about as far as I went with the trend. If you're like me and haven't really ventured far into this trend I suggest starting small with maybe a semi see-through stiletto from Mango for $59.99. Or even a see-through transparent rain coat. If you can find one that is semi see-through even better. Starting small is a great way to ease yourself into the trend and also not spend too much on a trend that will be gone next season.

Below are some see-through and transparent looks worth considering if you're thinking about trying this trend this season. The see-through and transparent items below come in different price points. To learn more about each look below click on the pictures which will take you to the store that sells the item and there you can learn more and decide if this trend is for you.

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