• Safi Bello

Verizon won’t sell Huawei phones due to US government pressure, report says

The Verge ---------- Verizon won’t sell any Huawei phones, including the new flagship Mate 10 Pro, because of pressure from the US government, anonymous sources told Bloomberg yesterday. Verizon declined to comment, and Huawei did not immediately respond. Huawei has been trying to make a big push into the US this year but has found its efforts stymied by the US government over concerns that the Chinese company could be a security threat. Earlier this month, AT&T pulled out of a deal with Huawei to sell the Mate 10 Pro after receiving similar pressure. While Huawei sells unlocked phones that can still work on Verizon and AT&T networks, having its phones sold by a major US carrier would have allowed it to reach more consumers than before and raise its reputation in the US. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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