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Neutrogena has made an iPhone scanner that magnifies your skin issues

The Verge --------- Johnson & Johnson-owned Neutrogena knows you buy a lot of its skincare products – it’s the number one facial skincare brand in the US, and at least $1 billion of J&J’s quarterly sales came from its beauty segment in the third quarter reported last fall. Now it wants you to buy even more Neutrogena, with the help of a skin-scanning gadget and app.The company announced today a hardware product called SkinScanner that attaches to the upper portion of a smartphone and, using a combo of sensors, is supposed to give users the kind of magnified image of their facial skin that you usually see in before-and-after pics in ads. The scanner wirelessly syncs up with a mobile app, called Skin360, which will show a person’s skin health over time and suggest they improve their skin. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.