• Safi Bello

Amazon's holiday bestsellers include smart plugs and toothbrushes

Engadget ---------- Amazon has published its customary holiday stats... and they're not as predictable as you might think. While the company spends much of its time crowing about its own device sales (which, as usual, are mostly meaningless without concrete numbers), it also reveals some decidedly unusual gadget shopping habits. For one thing, smart plugs were oddly dominant: a TP-Link plug was the best-selling smart home device worldwide (including in Amazon retail stores), while the Wemo Mini Smart Plug was one of the top-selling wireless gadgets in the US. This isn't to say that other smart gadgets didn't thrive (Philips Hue ruled the home improvement space), but people were clearly bent on upgrading their wall outlets. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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