• Safi Bello

Bitcoin Mania Interrupted, for Now, After Outage Triggers Selloff

Bloomberg --------- It takes a lot to startle fans of bitcoin, the digital gold of the moment. But Wednesday was, well, a lot -- a wild run of exuberant peaks and white-knuckled declines that left even diehards breathless. The dizzying rally in bitcoin, a bull market with few precedents in investing history, was abruptly interrupted by a market outage in the U.S. that seemed to captivate Wall Street even more than the day’s selloff in high-flying technology stocks. Only hours after soaring past $11,000 -- a price that represents a gain of more than two-fold since September -- bitcoin plunged nearly 20 percent in less than 90 minutes. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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