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State taxes on gasoline in 2017 up 4.5% from 2016

U.S. Energy Information Administration -------- In EIA’s latest update of state gasoline and diesel fuel taxes data, the simple average of taxes and fees on gasoline levied by the states and the District of Columbia in effect as of July 1, 2017, was 27.9 cents per gallon (¢/gal), up 4.5% from the same time last year. These taxes and fees range from a low of 8.95 ¢/gal in Alaska to a high of 59.3 ¢/gal in Pennsylvania. Gasoline buyers in the United States pay these taxes at the pump in addition to the federal tax of 18.4 ¢/gal, which has remained unchanged since 1993.State taxes on diesel tend to be somewhat higher—averaging 28.6 ¢/gal and ranging from 8.95 ¢/gal in Alaska to 75.8 ¢/gal in Pennsylvania. The federal tax on diesel of 24.4 ¢/gal is slightly higher than the federal tax on gasoline. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

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