• Safi Bello

Products To Help You Winter Proof Your Makeup During The Winter Months

Winter can be harsh on the skin. Your skin can get really dry and look less than radiant even though you have makeup on. So I wanted to share with you some ways and products to consider that can help you with winter proofing your makeup routine during the winter months when it gets really cold. To learn more about the products click on the pictures below.


Before you can winter proof your makeup you may want to make sure that your skin is gently exfoliated and moisturize your skin while it's still damp. So let's start with cleansing the face which is always important before applying makeup. Below are two facial cleansers that are great options during the winter months.

Now for the moisturizer -- let's take a look at some tinted moisturizers with SPF to consider during the winter months.

Since the cold, wind and possibly snow will be hitting your face you may want to tear proof your eye makeup by applying waterproof mascara

To continue after taking off your makeup at night try a hydrating mask


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