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Original Echo is out of stock on Amazon, amid rumors of a refreshed device to challenge HomePod

Techcrunch ------- A day after making its Whole Foods debut, the original Echo is no longer for sale from Amazon’s site, a move that could indicate the imminent arrival of a new device. The timing is certainly right. The original Echo is long, long overdue for a upgrade. The smart assistant has gone mostly untouched since entering the market two years ago — even as other devices like the Dot have gone through multiple generations. Amazon has also been aggressively and frequently discounting the smart speaker of late, slicing it in half for Prime Day and cutting $70 off the sticker price as part of yesterday’s festivities. The timing means a new Echo would likely be due out in time for the holidays, as well, slotting alongside more recent additions like the display-sporting Show. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

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