• Safi Bello

Financial Wellness Programs Becoming Critical Workplace Benefit in War for Talent

Fidelity Investments press release ------- Today's workplace benefits programs go well beyond health insurance and retirement plans. Companies of all sizes know that in order to attract and retain skilled employees, including young people entering the workforce, their benefits programs have to address a broad range of issues. In response, Fidelity Investments® continues to develop diverse workplace benefits offerings geared to help people at all stages of employment."Employees in today's workforce include multiple generations and seek help with paying off college debt, budgeting, saving for a home and for retirement," said Kevin Barry, president of Fidelity's Workplace Investing business. "Financial wellness programs designed to help diverse employee populations represent a modernization of benefits offerings. We empathize with employees who find it hard to consider retirement when the financial pressures of today, such as overwhelming college loan debt, challenge their short and long-term savings abilities." To get more in depth information click on the picture below to read the release.


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