• Safi Bello

Trump Floats Repealing Obamacare Now, Replacing It Later

Bloomberg ------ Donald Trump on Friday said that if Republican senators can’t strike a deal on their health bill, they should immediately repeal Obamacare and then replace it later, a reversal of the president’s earlier position. Trump’s suggestion on Twitter came as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was trying to reach a compromise by the end of the week with Republican senators who are withholding support of his draft bill to repeal and replace Obamacare at the same time. Trump’s tweet was posted after Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican and frequent Trump critic, floated the idea on the "Fox and Friends" TV program Friday morning. Sasse, in a separate statement, said if there isn’t a health deal by July 10, when the Senate returns to session, Trump should call on Congress to “immediately repeal as much of Obamacare as is possible under congressional budget reconciliation rules.” To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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