• Safi Bello

Uber executive could face criminal charges over handling of rape victim’s records, experts say

The Verge ------ The phrase “Uber is in hot water again” has become a bit meaningless over the last few months — and for good reason. The embattled ride-hailing company has been limping from crisis to crisis since the beginning of the year. But this latest controversy — in which a top Uber executive obtained the medical records of a rape victim in India — could be the most legally dangerous one yet. According to a report in Recode yesterday, Eric Alexander, the president of Uber’s business in the Asia Pacific, obtained the medical records of a woman who in 2014 had been raped by an Uber driver in India. Alexander later shared those records with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Senior Vice President Emil Michael, and others. After Recode contacted Uber about Alexander’s actions, he was fired. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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