• Safi Bello

Nevada takes on PBMs and pharma in broad drug-pricing transparency bill

Fierce Pharma ------- A Nevada drug-pricing bill that targeted diabetes drugmakers didn’t make it past the governor’s veto pen, but state lawmakers renewed their efforts with a new bill that not only zeroes in on pharma, but pharmacy benefit managers, too. And this time, the governor is more supportive, according to one report.In addition to forcing drugmakers to justify price hikes on diabetes meds, the new bipartisan bill, Nevada’s SB 539, will require PBMs to disclose rebate information. It also forbids them to punish pharmacists for “selling a less expensive alternative drug” to patients. The bill passed both the state’s Assembly and Senate Monday. Both bodies had approved an earlier proposal that targeted only the diabetes drugmakers, but Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed it Friday on grounds that it “poses serious risks of unintended and potentially detrimental consequences” for patients, according to a veto statement. He said the bill “ignores” the role PBMs play in drug pricing. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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