• Safi Bello

North Korea Says New Missile Landed Within 7 Meters of Target

Bloomberg ----- North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test involved a new rocket with a precision guidance system and improved automation, state-controlled news agency KCNA said Tuesday. Leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the launch of the missile, which appears to be a Scud variant, early Monday from the country’s east coast. It flew 450 kilometers (280 miles) toward Japan, according to South Korean military officials, with the government in Tokyo saying it may have reached waters in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The preparatory process before the firing was more automated than the previous "Hwasong," or Scud, rockets, KCNA said, adding that this "markedly" reduces the launching time. The news agency said the rocket hit a planned target point with a deviation of 7 meters. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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