• Safi Bello

Despite pricing outcry, branded pharma kept double-digit hikes coming in 2016: report

Fierce Pharma ------ Even amid a series of high-profile pricing controversies—and as a few companies made public promises to limit hikes—the pharma industry continued to raise list prices at rates far above general inflation, a new report shows. Apparently undeterred by political and public scrutiny, branded drug prices increased an average of 12.92% last year, with an industrywide rise of 8.77%—both numbers several times the rate of overall increases in consumer costs. The figures come courtesy of market researchers at Truveris as part of the company’s National Drug Index. Together with other recent data, Truveris reports that sticker prices have risen an average of 9.98% annually over the last three years. In a sign that things may be slowing down, however, average first-quarter 2017 hikes were much lower at 2.33%. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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