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Tesla's cheapest Model S just got cheaper

The Verge ------- Tesla is dropping the base price for most of its Model S and Model X vehicles ahead of the entry-level Model 3’s unveil later this July. The base 75 and 75D versions have seen price reductions of $5,000 and $3,000 for Model S and X respectively, while the 90D’s price drops by $2,000 for both cars. That means the least expensive Tesla now starts at $69,500, effective today. Tesla has tweaked its optional features mix too, making the Glass Roof, Power Liftgate, and high speed charger standard across its lineup. Also, the 75 and 90 series cars can no longer be fitted with adjustable air suspension. A Model X now comes standard with a 20-inch Sonic Carbon rim instead of the Silver Helix, and a new upgrade offers the second row center console for $500. Active Spoiler will no longer be available for the Model X. These changes follow the official discontinuation of the Model S 60 yesterday, which started at $66,000. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.

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