• Safi Bello

Jack Dorsey tweeted a photo of what looks like a Square debit card

Recode ------ Square Cash appears to be acting more and more like a bank. The Venmo-like service started as a way to simply send money to friends and family online, but it has recently been adding ways to spend the money that you receive and store in the app. The next step? A physical Square Cash debit card, it seems, based on a photo tweeted by Square CEO Jack Dorsey on Thursday night. The all-black card was the first hint, since Square had prototyped a similar-looking payment card back in 2014, but never launched it. Square has already introduced a Square Cash virtual debit card to buy stuff online — Dorsey said at Recode’s December Code Commerce event that he was using it as his default payment method. That was followed by an Apple Pay integration, so you could tap your phone in a store to pay with money stored in Square Cash. To some people, a physical card might seem a logical next step. To learn more click on the picture below to read the article.


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