• Safi Bello

When Drone Delivery Makes Sense: When You're Flying Life-Saving Blood to Hospitals

IEEE Spectrum -------- Amazon just made news when its Prime Air delivery drone did its first public demo, landing on a lawn in California to drop off a few bottles of sunscreen for attendees of an Amazon conference on automation. But the cofounder and CTO of the drone delivery startup Zipline doesn’t think much of Amazon’s experiments in this area, or Google’s either. Have you been near one of those quadrocopters when it sets down, Zipline’s Keenan Wyrobek asks? “They’re huge things with the power and blade size of four lawnmowers,” he says. “They land on ground next to you, kicking up dust, and it’s not a very good experience.” And then there’s the importance of what they’re transporting. While Amazon dropped off sunscreen for Silicon Valley insiders, and Google has talked with Domino’s about pizza delivery, Zipline is delivering life-saving blood to hospitals in Rwanda.To get more in depth information click on the picture below to read the article.


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