• Safi Bello

More Employees Using Company Stock as a Flexible Finance Tool, Fidelity Study Finds

Fidelity Investments press release ------ An increasing percentage of workers who purchase company stock through their Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP) are leveraging this workplace benefit by selling shares, potentially taking advantage of favorable stock market conditions, according to research by Fidelity Investments®. Those most likely to sell their shares are employees under 40 years old or those who get a significant discount on company stock purchased through their ESPP. The findings are based on a Fidelity analysis of more than 365,000 workers over a three-year period to learn how employees handled company stock purchased through their ESPP. ESPPs give rank-and-file employees the opportunity to apply part of their paycheck toward the purchase of company stock, often offered at a discounted price. To get more in depth information click on the picture below to read the release.


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