• Safi Bello

GE pledges to hire 20,000 women for STEM jobs by 2020 in effort to close gender gap

HealthcareITNews ------ General Electric has revealed its initiative to hire 20,000 women for STEM positions. The technology giant is targeting the year 2020 as its deadline for having the 20,000 women on board for the science, technology, engineering and math jobs. The goal, GE noted in a February 7 news release, is to attain 50-50 representation for all of GE's technical entry-level programs. GE plans to the number of women in its engineering, manufacturing, IT and product management roles -- a strategy GE executives say is necessary "to inject urgency into addressing ongoing gender imbalance in technical fields and fully transform into a digital industrial company." To learn more about GE's pledge to hire 20,000 women for STEM jobs by 2020 in an effort to close the gender gap click on the picture below to read more.


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