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TD Ameritrade Institutional To Launch Veo One Analytics, Putting Information To Work For Independent

Business Wire press release ---- What if your business could communicate with you the same way as today's cars, revealing the best route and alerting you to hazards? What if advisors could have access to a virtual data and analytics assistant, by their side whenever business decisions need to be made? That's the thinking behind TD Ameritrade Institutional VEO One® Analytics, an on-demand data analytics engine that can drive improved business performance with timely data that's personalized, simplified and delivered to an advisor's desktop. Better still, it can eliminate the need for advisors to dig through lengthy reports and research papers to uncover the information relevant to their firm. Veo One Analytics will provide advisors greater insight into their clients, business operations, growth factors and financial performance and then align those insights to specific actions and educational resources. For more information on TD Ameritrade Insititutional to launch VEO One Analytics, putting information to work for independent RIAs click on the picture below to read more.

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