• Safi Bello

How To Guide For: A Look At Women And The Tech World

Lately I've been listening to Ted Talks a lot and have been educating myself more and more on Techcrunch Disrupt and I am very fascinated and interested in both. So the question is can I as a women and other women coming up break into the tech world and how. I've been reading reports that say women are highly under represented in the field. So how can we change this. One report in particular that stuck in my mind was the report that Forbes put out that's titled "The World's Most Powerful Women In Tech". This report states that women claim 16 spots on the Forbes list. I am very proud to know that 16 women occupy a spot on the list in the tech world. But why aren't there more women on the list. The more I listen to Ted Talks and read Techcrunch and other tech news the more I wonder how can the women of today like millennials and Generation Z really break into the tech world. Is it really a male dominated industry. That is the reason for this post, I wanted to let girls and women out there know that the tech world isn't only reserved for men and we can change the game. So I did some more research and the more I researched the more I realized that tech companies are actively recruiting more women programmers and developers. This is a great step in the right direction. But how can women of the millennial and Gen Z era level the playing field. Well for starters we need to make sure that we stay on top and current with everything going on in the tech world. Being knowledgeable makes a difference. There is so much more to learn about women and the tech world. To learn more ------ click on the pictures below to read the articles.


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