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How To Guide For: Understanding Hair Gels, Hair Wax, Hair Paste, Hair Pomade, Hair Clay-- What's

Hair Gel is usually translucent in color and lighter in consistency. Gels harden on the hair leaving a stiff shiny, wet feel and look. When using hair gels it's best to use the ones that are alcohol free. Alcohol free gels are easier to wash out of the hair. Hair Wax is thicker in consistency. Hair wax can keep a single style in place all day long. Hair wax comes in creams, solid, gels or sprays. Hair Paste is also thicker in consistency, but it offers more versatility. Hair pastes come in creams. Some formulas are meant for molding -- some texturize and others control. Hair Pomade is great for short hair because it helps to add texture without too much shine and helps boost volume. Hair Clay is very similar to hair wax. It makes the hair soft and also disentangles the hair. Hair clay has little to no shine. It is a little bit on the expensive side. Below are some hair gels, wax, paste, pomades and clay to try out for different hair types -- to learn more about the product click on the pictures below.

Hair Gels

Hair Wax

Hair Paste

Hair Pomade

Hair Clay


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