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How To Guide For: Effectively Complaining To HR About Your Boss -- Should You Or Shouldn't You &

I don't know about you but have you ever fantasized about what it'd be like to have an amazing, incredible boss. A boss that you couldn't stop talking to and about to everyone that you know. A boss that actually made you want to come into work everyday. Well not everyone is blessed to have a boss like that. So for those that are unhappy in their current work situation and are not satisfied with their boss you should check out Horrible Bosses that made me laugh a lot and feel a little bit better. But then after watching the movie reality set in and I realized this is just a movie. But the topic still lingered in my mind, how do you handle a horrible, terrible boss. The first thought is that you may want to vent to friends and family about your boss. But after venting a few times you realize that it's only helping you get the issues off your chest and out of your system but not making them go away or actually making things any better. So now your next step is complaining to HR about your boss. So the question is how can you effectively complain to HR about your boss without crossing any professional lines and without losing your job. The first thing you want to do before you go to HR and decide to complain about your boss is weigh your risks. Complaining about your boss may play out lovely in your mind, but in the real world it could have negative repercussions. Your boss has the power to determine what projects you get, your salary and any career opportunities at the firm, so complaining to HR about your boss could ruin any future career opportunities and could also make your working situation tense and uncomfortable and cause retaliation. Another thing you want to do before going to HR and complaining about your boss is, you also want to make sure that the issues you have are of an important and legitimate nature. If after answering these questions, you see that there is still no other option then to complain about your boss to HR please be careful. What I've learned is that HR is in place mainly to serve the needs of the overall company. So employee complaints depending on the nature may or may not go well when voiced to HR. So do you want to learn more about how to effectively complain to HR about your boss -- click the pictures below to read the articles.

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