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How To Guide For: Hair Colors To Test Out This Fall

I've noticed a few hair colors all over Pinterest boards from Balayage to Ombre to Smoky Lilac, to Flamboyage strips, just to name a few. These colors seem like they will be a huge trend come Fall. Below are some of the hair colors and products to try to get the look. To test out the product --click on the links below.

To get Jourdan Dunn's Ombre hair color look try out L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference Ombre Touch $11.99

To get the Smoky Lilac hair color look try out L'Oreal Paris Feria Smokey Pastels Permanent Haircolor, Smokey Lavender $9.99

Lilac and Lavender are two shades of violet and purple and are very similar to each other. You can try this product to achieve the smoky lilac look

Flamboyage is a hair color technique that combines both balayage and ombre and provides an isolation to locks of hair separated into clear, adhesive strip. The end result gives you an illusion of hair depth, vibrant colors that look natural.

To get the Flamboyage Strips hair color try out L'Oréal® Paris Feria Wild Ombre Hair Color $10.59