• Safi Bello

How To Guide For: Understanding How Everything Changes About Your Financial Life Once You Have A Ba

I was catching up with a friend who is a new mom. I hadn't seen her in a very long time. Making plans to go out and catch up with friends can be a challenge on it's own and when it's a new mom it can make things even more complicated. But we were finally able to make it happen and we met for coffee and we touched on several topics. But the main thing that caught her by surprise was how much everything would change about her financial life once she became a mom. My friend explained to me now with a new baby she is thinking about day to day childcare expenses and before you know it everything starts to add up and it happens really fast. She is already thinking about retirement, college tuition for the baby--even though it's a new born you think about things like this she explained, life insurance and something that she doesn't want to think about is planning for the unexpected. Every financial decision she now makes doesn't just affect her, but the entire family as a whole. To learn more about how everything changes about your financial life once you have a baby -- click the pictures below to read the articles.


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